I first encountered Clay Burell on his blog Beyond School, where he had started a series of Unsucky English Lectures.  These posts were brilliant, engaging, and poignant, and I followed them to their tragically early conclusion. (Clay, if you're reading this, pick those back up, man!)  It turns out that Beyond School was actually a blog about revolutionizing education.  I just happened in while he was doing a special series.  I kept following his blog, though.

At any rate, Mr. Burell now has a new blog at education.change.org.  In particular, one recent post impressed me, and I wanted to increase its distribution, at least by the tiny amount that people actually view this blog :P

Why Schoolwork Doesn't Have to Suck

There's some important ideas here.  The concept that our technology could (should, must) become the medium through which we engage in learning is as groundbreaking as it is obvious.  Enjoy.