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Super Mario RPG guest post at Eruditorum Press

I have one last guest post over at Eruditorum Press. This one actually posted almost two months ago, but I forgot to advertise it over here. It’s about the rise of Gamergate and the loss of hope. Again. This is my fifth and final entry for the SNES Project.

Final Fantasy III guest post at Eruditorum Press

I have a new guest post up over at Eruditorum Press. It’s about Anarchy, trans childhood, and the death of hope. And video games, I guess. This is my fourth entry for the SNES Project, and this one is on Final Fantasy III, or VI, or whatever you want to call it. You know, the one with chocobos.

Rambling Review: Braid

The Rambling Review is a series where I review games, books, movies, and TV series, both new and old, in a rambling, disorganized style."Can video games be art?” is one of those questions that has been discussed to death. Of course, the problem domain of defining art is a notoriously snare-laden landscape. But by almost any definition, it is clear from nearly the beginning of the game Braid that it is a conscious attempt to argue the case that video games can be art.
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Gaming in Linux - my adventures with wine

I like playing games. My 1600-word review of Portal 2 should have been at least some indication of that. I enjoy console and PC video games, tabletop roleplaying games, and board games. But today, I’m talking about playing PC video games in is not an emulatorLet’s start with the basics (then probably skip the middle ground and jump straight to the advanced stuff). Programs written for Windows or Mac OS can’t be run natively in Linux.
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Rambling Review: Portal 2

The Rambling Review is a new series where I review games, books, movies, and TV series, both new and old, in a rambling, disorganized style. It will contain scores, but they are absolutely and utterly meaningless. It is nominally inspired by Phil Sandifer’s Nintendo Project, but it is orders of magnitude less ambitious by design.This post contains spoilers for Portal and Portal 2. Please do not read if you have not played these games and intend to.
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Vendetta Online

I’ve recently discovered a game called Vendetta Online. This may be the MMORPG I have been waiting for: real-time skill-based combat, space flight, trading and mining, space flight, an interesting back story, space flight, and extensive moddability through custom skins, binds, and plugins. Oh, and it’s a space flight game.I love space shooters. Put me in a cockpit and give me 3 dimensions of unfettered movement, and I may as well be in Valhalla.
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Nintendo and the Homebrew Arms Race

When I purchase a piece of hardware, it is mine to do with as I wish. This is a long-held understanding. If I buy a piece of clothing, I can have it altered. If I buy a car, I can change the tires. If I buy a television, I can kill myself trying to screw with its insides.It might void the warranty, it might put my life at risk or potentially damage the thing I’ve purchased, but it is my right as a consumer.
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Decentralizing Second Life

So, I’ve been thinking about Second Life, and it occured to me that it’s being done entirely the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy SL, and have no qualms with the experience itself. It’s the underlying scheme it’s built on that bothers me: one company controlling all the servers, one company responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. It seems to me that all technologies built on that model eventually fail on the Internet, while distributed technologies (Web, email, usenet) thrive.
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