BitTorrent, the Linux way

I use BitTorrent a lot. Most Linux distributions have torrents available, and I have gotten a lot of Creative Commons-licensed music, such as the work of Jonathan Coulton, via BitTorrent. It is a great way to deliver content.However, I have a problem with (most of) the available BitTorrent clients. Given what BitTorrent does, which is allow you to download and subsequently seed content, it should really run like a service - quietly running in the background handling your torrents.
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Tutorial: Creating OpenSim terrain with Blender

This tutorial will explain how to create RAW terrain files for OpenSim and Second Life using Blender and the Gimp.Before we beginYou will need the following software for this tutorial. All of this software is free and open source. Blender, a professional 3d modelling tool. Blender is powerful but complex, and basic blender knowledge is assumed for this tutorial. Blender will be used to actually create the heightmap. The Gimp, a powerful program for creating and editing raster (i.
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