System Administration

Intel NUC, remote controls, and Fedora 22

I’ve had a fun time getting kodi to work with my new remote on an Intel NUC. So, in case you’re in a similar situation, here’s what worked for me! These instructions are for Fedora 22 and the hardware I linked to in this paragraph, but a lot of the instructions should be applicable in slightly different situations as well. Update your Intel NUC to the latest bios. At least on the RYH line, they fixed some problems with the IR receiver in a recent update.
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What the hell is happening to PSN?

All day yesterday, I watched my husband trying to log into FF XIV on the PS4. All day, the PSN sign in servers remained down. They’re still listed as offline now. Xbox Live has been back up since yesterday afternoon. So what’s taking Sony so long? Keeping production servers online is a large part of what I do professionally, so… I know this problem domain pretty well. And I’ve seen a lot of… speculation that is deeply misinformed.
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