pygo - a go game client

If I have anything like ‘regular readers’ (I’m not certain from the traffic patterns on the blog whether or not that’s true), you’re probably wondering where I’ve been. The answer is, basically, the same as it ever is: writing code.I’ve also been playing a lot of Go, and doing some tabletop roleplaying. My latest programming projects are related to those hobbies. Today I want to talk about pygo, my new Go game client.
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Project TreeWars: The Beginning

My goal is two posts a week - typically, one on Wednesday and one on the weekend. This is usually a pretty easy goal to obtain - it doesn’t take too much of my free time to churn out two posts between 750 and 1500 words. And yet, there almost wasn’t a post this weekend. Was I playing Minecraft? Nope.I was writing code.Programming is something I’ve always wanted to do professionally, but somehow I managed to end up doing enterprise technical support instead.
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