Madame Kovarian

Doctor Who: Closing Time

The Lodger was brilliant, easily Gareth Roberts’ best contribution to the series up to that point and one of my favorite episodes. So, when I heard about a “sequel” story involving Craig and written by Roberts, I was excited. When I learned it had Cybermen in it, well… Cybermen don’t have the best track record, but I trusted Roberts to deliver a pretty good Cybermen story.And he did. In fact, ‘pretty good’ is a very appropriate adjectival phrase for the episode.
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I know what's going to happen in Doctor Who series 6

Doctor Who is off the air until September, and a number of questions remain unanswered. But just because we don’t get any new Who for three months doesn’t mean we have to stop talking about it! So here is my chance to answer all of your burning questions. Because I know everything that’s going to happen in the second half of series 6. All the reveals.Spoiler Warning for everything, up to and including A Good Man Goes to War, and for the rest of the series too, if I’m right!
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