An adventure in transliteration

So, Denny’s new Middle Earth-themed menu / Hobbit tie-in has resulted in the following billboard:It is written in Cirth, Tolkien’s version of runes. It is a bit hard to read, and seems to mix and match a bit between the Angerthas Daeron and the Angerthas Moria.My first attempt at a rough transcription rendered this:dh* brekfast richū ov mid*l erth awökwLooking at this, that second character (the first one I’ve marked with an asterisk) may have been intended as an ‘e’.
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Languages of Skyrim

Can we still talk about Skyrim? I mean, I know it’s been out for a while now, and a lot of people have moved on. But I’m still playing it, and enjoying the vast explorable terrain, hundreds of quests, and terrible, hilarious bugs.As I’ve been playing, I’ve noticed that they’ve really tried to turn the production values up to eleven. The terrain feels a lot more detailed, the voice acting is improved (and there are more voice actors), the quests are more detailed and varied, and the game is sprinkled with non-human languages.
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MIT Mystery Hunt 2012

Every year, hundreds of people travel to MIT during the Independent Activities Period for the MIT Mystery Hunt, a popular puzzlehunt. This year was my second Hunt. This is a review, analysis, and/or postmortem of it. It contains some of the solutions, so if you want to go play with the puzzles yourself (as they are all posted online), be forewarned!How does this thing work, anyway?First, since most of the people who read this site probably aren’t puzzlers, a brief description of the flow of the Hunt.
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