Project Treewars: Going in Circles

It’s been quite a while since I actually worked on TreeWars. Various things have distracted me, including some other programming projects. But I actually made some progress way back in July, before I shelved the project temporarily. So, let’s talk about circles.OpenGL gives us a few different ways to draw things, which I’ve talked about before. When we were using the fixed-pipeline functions (glBegin(), glEnd(), etc), I could draw a circle the same way I drew it in SDL: draw a bunch of same-sized rectangles, shifting the coordinates around a central point so that they overlap.
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Project TreeWars: How Anna got her Title Screen back

In my last post, I re-implemented all of my rendering code to take advantage of Shaders. After doing this, nothing rendered. Despite the fact that I was following a tutorial, more or less. I have been modifying it to fit my project, which has a lot of code around the rendering code already and is in C++ instead of C, and also modifying it to do something that will actually be useful for me down the line.
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