Duke Nukem Forever should not exist

Today’s post was going to be a review of Braid. But Duke Nukem Forever was released yesterday, and, well… I have comments. So, next week: Braid. Now: Angry Feminist Rant.Trigger Warning: descriptions of rape and violence ahead. Please do not read if these things may be harmful to you.First, the backstory - Duke Nukem Forever was released after a decade of anticipation and shifting release dates, with the game being dropped and picked up by development houses and publishers along the way.
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Nintendo and the Homebrew Arms Race

When I purchase a piece of hardware, it is mine to do with as I wish. This is a long-held understanding. If I buy a piece of clothing, I can have it altered. If I buy a car, I can change the tires. If I buy a television, I can kill myself trying to screw with its insides.It might void the warranty, it might put my life at risk or potentially damage the thing I’ve purchased, but it is my right as a consumer.
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Then They Fight You

Microsoft threatens to sue the entire FOSS communityWhere have I seen this kind of threat before? Hmm… SCO, anyone? Is MS really desperate enough for that? SCO only sued IBM because they were losing money in copious amounts, flirting with bankruptcy. Vista seems to be the straw that’s breaking Microsoft’s back.


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