My new project - netjatafl

I’ve been pretty busy the last month working on netjatafl. Netjatafl will eventually be a networked client for playing various board and/or card games. It was originally created for hnefatafl and other tafl games. However, I have designed it to be extensible; I’m working on adding mancala games, and it looks like my design makes it pretty easy to add a new game. (I’ve added most of the logic for mancala to the client and server in just a couple hours of work).
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Self-indulgent musings on total knowledge strategy games

Total knowledge games are games in which all players involved have equal knowledge of the current state of the game, and the only factor that influences the game’s future state is the actions of the players.¬†Chess, Go, and tafl are three such games that I play periodically.Recently, I pondered a fairly simple question: which of these games is the most complex?¬†All of them are complex enough that new players have room to become stronger over time.
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