Rambling Review: Braid

The Rambling Review is a series where I review games, books, movies, and TV series, both new and old, in a rambling, disorganized style."Can video games be art?” is one of those questions that has been discussed to death. Of course, the problem domain of defining art is a notoriously snare-laden landscape. But by almost any definition, it is clear from nearly the beginning of the game Braid that it is a conscious attempt to argue the case that video games can be art.
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Heavy Rain

So, Sony released a little game for the PS3 yesterday called Heavy Rain. Having already played the demo, I ran out and nabbed a copy. I got home, popped it in. I thought I would play for a little while, just to see the intro, you know?A very short while later, I heard this: “Hey, you know it’s almost 1 in the morning, right?“It seemed strange that a character in the game sounded so much like my wife.
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