I once had a blog on livejournal, titled slashsplat.  This blog didn't see very many posts, because I had to log out of my personal journal to log in to it.  So I decided that a blog hosted somewhere other than livejournal would be a good idea.

That's the purpose of this site.  It will be somewhat more general; the goal of this blog is to discuss geek culture and everything that may mean to me:  programming, technology, gaming (video and table-top), and whatever else springs to mind.  However, each post will try to be an entity separate from myself; personal matters that I feel like ranting about will not appear here.  I have a personal journal for that, after all.

Anyone who feels like reading this little piece of the Internet is welcome to come along for the ride.  If it's just an exercise in self-indulgence, then so be it.

(Below this post, you may notice I've included all of the posts from slashsplat as well.  Those few posts span a lot of changes in my life, so the tone will vary as you venture farther back.)