About the Site

Anna and the Bunches is a self-indulgent blog about technology, media, religion, and other things I have strong feelings about. I especially like writing about the intersections between things.

I like to tell myself it is intelligently written, witty, and deeply interesting, but I’ve been known to lie, so I don’t know if I trust myself on that. Caveat lector.

About the Author

Everything here is written by Anna, a feminist witch in her 30s who spends her days writing software. Her interests include, but are not limited to: programming, video gaming, table-top roleplaying, speculative fiction, linguistics, strategy board games, hiking, and the simultaneous application of contradictory, overlapping worldviews.

She enjoy using parenthetical phrases (such as this one), observing technology’s effects on culture, and every once in a while, just for fun, speaking in the third person.