Please Stop Using Github

I mentioned on twitter that I’ve stopped using Github because of their continued support of ICE. To be clear, it’s not just that ICE uses Github. It’s that they think supporting ICE is okay because ICE is responsible for things other than putting children in cages. Their statement misses the point in so many ways, I have very little hope they’ll ever see past their own justifications on this. So, no more Github.
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Super Mario RPG guest post at Eruditorum Press

I have one last guest post over at Eruditorum Press. This one actually posted almost two months ago, but I forgot to advertise it over here. It’s about the rise of Gamergate and the loss of hope. Again. This is my fifth and final entry for the SNES Project.

Final Fantasy III guest post at Eruditorum Press

I have a new guest post up over at Eruditorum Press. It’s about Anarchy, trans childhood, and the death of hope. And video games, I guess. This is my fourth entry for the SNES Project, and this one is on Final Fantasy III, or VI, or whatever you want to call it. You know, the one with chocobos.

Sockets, CLOSE_WAIT, and You

I found this discussion about TCP sockets in Linux sitting around half-finished in Google Drive. It was dated 2012-10-23. I have no memory of writing it. I cleaned it up and am posting it here in case anyone finds it useful. A ‘socket’ is an abstraction for a network connection. Each machine has a socket it is communicating with; from an application’s perspective, sockets make it possible to treat a network connection much like a file on the local system, and just read from and write to it like any other file.
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Taking the λ out of Lambdaconf

Most of the tech community has heard about Lambdaconf by now, thanks to the decision to give Curtis Yarvin, aka Mencius Moldbug, a speaker slot there. Their ultimate decision uses the phrase “professional ethics” a lot. It’s hard to miss the parallels with GamerGate. There’s a lot that’s already been said about this. The topic is pretty tired already; I’m late to the game. And moreover, the point that the De Goes is “so far off base he’s not even wrong” is a valid one.
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Yet Another Site Update

Every couple of years I move this blog to a new hosting platform, and almost as often to a new domain. But I’ve managed to keep all of the content with each move. So welcome to my new blog, powered by Jekyll, and formerly powered by Blogger, Wordpress, (first self-run, then and Livejournal. It can be found here at, and could formerly be found at, and before that slashsplat.
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The Orange Box: A custom USB Flight Control Panel

I play a lot of Elite: Dangerous. And while I use a reasonably nice HOTAS, I’ve long wanted a flight panel: a bank of toggle switches with LED indicators that would act as a USB joystick. I can only find one company selling such a thing, and their solution leaves exposed wiring. (a no-no when you live with cats) Also, their website looks like it is from the 90s and just feels kind of sketchy.
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Intel NUC, remote controls, and Fedora 22

I’ve had a fun time getting kodi to work with my new remote on an Intel NUC. So, in case you’re in a similar situation, here’s what worked for me! These instructions are for Fedora 22 and the hardware I linked to in this paragraph, but a lot of the instructions should be applicable in slightly different situations as well. Update your Intel NUC to the latest bios. At least on the RYH line, they fixed some problems with the IR receiver in a recent update.
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What the hell is happening to PSN?

All day yesterday, I watched my husband trying to log into FF XIV on the PS4. All day, the PSN sign in servers remained down. They’re still listed as offline now. Xbox Live has been back up since yesterday afternoon. So what’s taking Sony so long? Keeping production servers online is a large part of what I do professionally, so… I know this problem domain pretty well. And I’ve seen a lot of… speculation that is deeply misinformed.
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You're in the right place

I’ve moved over to Blogger instead of Wordpress for hosting this blog. Why? Because I’m administrating three other blogs, and they are all on blogger. Frankly, this was just easier. Hopefully, you didn’t notice the move. The conversion tool I used seems to have worked tolerably well; I may have lost a few comments, but such is life. As for the long, long silence, well… that may have been noticed, at least by one or two people.
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